We Know How
Everything is Grown
and Produced

We have one simple goal, and that is to ADD to the soil and make it a spot that years from now, people will be able to grow fruits and vegetables on a healthy and productive plot of land!!! By growing sustainably without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, and providing FRESH seafood, we have found a growing trend of consumers who are equally as “Food Centric” in this manner as we are.

A bit of Our story

We only started growing and selling seven years ago as a company, but watching my Mother and Father develop the family garden growing still to this day, is a vivid memory of my childhood. They always grew the standard; peas, onions, carrots, tomatoes of course and beets (which I hated at the time but have since become one of our biggest and best selling crops).

Loving to watch all these grow, the one thing they grew for years that excited me more than anything....was garlic!!! I have absolutely no clue why, but garlic was the one thing Dad grew that I gravitated to each and every year. Maybe it was watching Dad take the time to go through the many bulbs of garlic and picking out the biggest bulbs only to watch him break them open for seed and having him explain to me that you needed the biggest and best cloves to create the absolute best plants for next year. Regardless, it is Holly’s and I biggest crop to date and isn’t something I plan on slowing down on anytime soon.

produce-stand How our company got started is a bit of a story. It involved me doing a job I didn’t like so much, getting fired, and as I was growing “on the side” already, simply started growing full-time. It was humble beginnings at the start indeed!! Our first two years we sold out of a 10x10 tent (parachute!!) on the side of the road in the booming metropolis of Shakespeare, ON, the “antique capital of the world."


Now supplying our own Stand in Shakespeare, we are a year round vendor at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market, as well as supply local restaurants including Woodstock’s best “Six Thirty Nine.” (Located at 639 Peel Street in Woodstock).

Close to two years ago, we embarked on a new venture and re-opened the seafood booth at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. Continuing on our “Food Centric” theme in the growth of ChrisProduce & Seafood, this endeavor has become quite the success, as it has been conveyed by people there.

Chris & Holly Weitzel

Owners / Growers

Holly Weitzel is an elementary school teacher in downtown Woodstock. She loves working with young minds to inspire them to reach their potential. Holly has worked in the food industry since she was thirteen and continues to keep one toe in the water at all times.
She enjoys cooking and baking and finds it a great stress reliever when she’s had a tough day at work. When Holly was little, she dreamed of having her own cooking show and still to this day, she can be heard from the living room giving a ‘play by play’ of what is about to make its way to the plate. She enjoys helping her husband Chris on the farm and sharing recipes with their regulars at the Farmer’s Market and their Stand in Shakespeare.

Chris Weitzel is originally from Tavistock,ON. After graduating from Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School he received a diploma in Financial Services from Fanshawe College. After working in the financial services industry for 12 years he realized a change was in order. Not knowing exactly what type of business to start, all he knew was that working for somebody else was not in the cards. While working straight afternoons in the feed mill he grew up in, he started selling fruits and vegetables roadside in Shakespeare on the weekends. With the guidance from a colleague at the feed mill and his largest supplier, Chris could immediately see an opportunity here. On his second day being open, he met a local vegetable grower, started selling his products and a friendship/mentorship was born.

For the next two years he “worked” (being paid in knowledge) for this gentleman during the day and kept working afternoons until he was fired, in what turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Being given a 2 acre plot by a local farmer in exchange for fruit and vegetables, he honed his skills over the next 3 years there. All the while their little veggie stand has morphed into something of a destination point. During peak season Chris and Holly’s stand is open 4 days a week and now sells over 10 local farmers products. Growth continued this past year when they moved to a much larger plot and have partnered with Jeremy Toth and Angela Langlois of Braemar Hills Farm. Their core crops they grow include: garlic, leeks, carrots, beets and tomatoes.

ChriSeafood came into existence a couple years ago when Chris seen a gap in the Woodstock Farmers Market. Caudles Catch of Kitchener is their supplier and with the coaching of Matt Caudle, business has expanded to supplying local restaurants as well. When not in the field or keeping in constant contact with suppliers, Chris enjoys cooking with Holly, playing squash, hiking with his dogs Reggie and Quigley and enjoying the odd round of golf.