We work with a select group of local growers to provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables from the start of the season till the end. We can tell you the name of the farm, the farmer’s name, harvest date, whether the crops have been sprayed and if so how much. We feel it is so important nowadays to KNOW YOUR FARMER!!! We realized very early on that we could not grow everything, as nice as that would be. So we started small by growing things we knew would sell but with the guidance of support of a couple local farmers, we started selling their products to compliment our small offerings.

Thames River Melons

765875 Township Rd 5, Innerkip, ON

Thames River Melons is a family owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm. With the help of friends, neighbours, and their community, they grow, harvest, and sell a wide variety of produce. Growing the best sweet corn and strawberries around, these are only two product offerings we provide from Thames River Melons. (Conventionally grown) Others include: - Green and yellow zucchinni - Potatoes, red and white - Raspberries - Canteloupe - Watermelons - Yams - And numerous varieties of squash

Conquer Farms

5731 Imperial Rd, Aylmer, ON

Headed by Jake and Susie Wiebe. Providers for the past 4 years of conventionally grown: - Roma tomatoes - Potatoes, red and white - Cucumbers - Onions, red and white - Among other things they surprise me with every year…

Ray’s Produce

Tavistock, ON

Owners Ray and Tammy Oesch of Tavistock have been an integral part in the success of ChrisProduce & Seafood. Provider of: - Peaches - Green Onions - Radish - Among other odds and ends

The Good Peach

Kitchener, ON

We get Niagara tender-fruit from The Good Peach who is a “tree-ripened” farm. Tree-ripened simply means that by picking directly from the tree and into the shipping containers, they are able to avoid the sorting process and the fungicide bath required. Products provided include: - Peaches - Plums - Apricots - And grapes

Caudle's Catch

60 Otonabee Drive. Kitchener, ON

From a humble two-person business, Caudle's Catch Seafood has grown to offer Canada-wide wholesale operations, and six retail locations. They import products from around the world, including the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand and of course Canada. The east coast of Canada remains the most popular place for Caudle's Catch to source seafood from.